Gifting Stories

Open Baskets 2008

Through your efforts, Open baskets has been able to fill the hearts, minds, and souls of our neighbors who live with a mental illness each and every year.  Below are a sample of some of the stories we’ve received from Mental Health Resources (MHR) on the impact made in people’s lives.

  • The majority of the people I serve experience hardships due to living on a limited income, and are often in need of the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and appropriate shelter. Several of the people I was able to deliver Christmas baskets to expressed their gratitude for the gift of some extra food, and GOOD food. One person was experiencing a particularly hard time and was especially grateful to be able to know she could have a bowl of warm soup for dinner.
  • One of the people I delivered a basket to lives in a foster care placement, and struggles to relate in a positive way with his peers. Upon receiving the basket, the recipient decided that he wanted to give back to others like the family did who provided him with his basket, and began giving out the items in his basket to the other people in the home, as well as the staff members. This recipient wished everyone a “Merry Christmas” as he handed out popcorn, candy, and soup, and was able to experience some positive interaction and feedback from his peers.
  • One individual who lives in a foster care home decided that she also wanted to share her basket with others, and decided to have a movie night with the other people in the home and watch the basket’s DVD while munching on the food together in the basket to celebrate the holidays.
  • One day I delivered a basket to a person who had recently been laid off his job, and subsequently has been struggling financially. He was very grateful for the basket he received, and reported that this gave him some more hope that things will somehow work out for him.
  • One individual was very excited as the DVD in the basket was one that he had been wanting to watch for a long time, but had never had the opportunity. He was pretty much elated throughout the entire meeting I had with him that day, and requested that I personally thank the providers of his holiday basket.

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